Infineum's breakthrough in Tribology presented at Leeds, Lyon Tribology Conference

Insights - 6 October 2023

Professor Pete Dowding, Infineum’s Principal Scientist (pictured below), recently delivered a keynote speech at the Leeds Lyon Tribology Conference, held at the University of Leeds in the UK, to share insights into a ground-breaking development – Infineum’s novel beamline tribometer.

This speech was particularly significant as it was given in honour of the late Professor Anne Neville, a luminary in the field of tribology and a long-time collaborator with Infineum.

Professor Dowding began by acknowledging the invaluable contributions of Professor Neville, whose work with Infineum spanned many years and covered various tribological studies. Her passing was a loss not just to her colleagues but to the entire scientific community.

Diving into the heart of his speech, Professor Dowding introduced our novel beamline tribometer, a remarkable device developed in collaboration with the University of Cambridge and the ISIS Neutron Facility in Oxford in 2021. This tribometer harnesses the power of neutrons to explore the molecular-level characteristics of commercial oil additives. It allows researchers to gain real-time insights into the structure of additives concerning friction, wear, and lubrication, ultimately enhancing our understanding of these vital components.

During the conference, Professor Dowding fielded inquiries from industrial delegates who were eager to explore the potential applications of this tribometer in sectors beyond lubricants.

Professor Dowding said: “I am very pleased to see that Infineum’s external collaborative network is now receiving external recognition for our innovative methodology and is generating interest from other commercial sectors. Such capabilities make Infineum a leader in the field, driving innovation and paving the way for new opportunities.”

Chris Locke, Infineum’s Executive Vice President, expressed immense pride in the organization’s scientific competence and its role as a pioneer in tribology. He said: “At Infineum we have a truly world-leading competence (and technologists) and we should all feel very proud of the contribution we make to the field of tribology (surface and interface science).
I would also note it is particularly poignant to do so at a conference held in honour of Professor Anne Neville. Whilst her personal contribution is sadly missed; it is wonderful to see her legacy living on in the next generation of young scientists.”

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