Infineum's Collaborative Fire Safety Initiative in Cologne

Safety - 14 May 2024

In 2018, new regulations mandated that industrial fire brigades, including Infineum’s Cologne brigade, match the staffing and equipment standards of municipal fire brigades in North-Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The challenge was significant: we needed to transition from a part-time brigade to a full-time, fully qualified team. 

Collaborating with neighbouring companies Wacker and Westlake Vinnolit, we formed a joint fire brigade under Infineum’s leadership. Over the past five years, we’ve overcome challenges and made progress. Plans are underway for a new firehouse, set to be completed by October 2026. 

In parallel, our Cologne site initiated an apprenticeship programme, educating new firefighters. Already, five apprentices have joined the shift team, with four more completing their studies in November 2024. Our fire department now operates 24/7 with 20 employees on shifts and 5 on day duty. 

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