Introducing Infineum P6895A: Leading the way in lubricant innovation for hybrid vehicles

Sustainable Transportation - 2 October 2023

In a significant stride towards sustainable automotive lubrication, Infineum has unveiled its latest product, the groundbreaking Infineum P6895A. This innovative lubricant additive package is a pioneer in the market, as it is the first market general offering to meet the stringent Stellantis test for SAE 0W-20, PSA B71 2010.

The test run by Stellantis, formerly known as PSA Group before merging with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, sets high standards for lubricants to ensure they align with the performance and protection needs of modern engines. Multinational car manufacturer Stellantis, which includes renowned brands like Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Opel, and Vauxhall, has long been at the forefront of automotive innovation.

Infineum P6895A has been meticulously crafted with a specific focus on sustainability, from its initial research and development stages to its in-use performance. It employs cutting-edge technology that meets current industry specifications, including the latest requirements from major French OEMs. The additive package not only meets stringent performance standards but also prioritises market-leading fuel economy – a key element in building a cleaner, greener automotive future.

This ground-breaking solution is tailored for hybrid passenger cars, perfectly positioning it in a rapidly growing market segment. As hybrid vehicles continue to gain market share, Infineum P6895A offers an opportunity to capture over 30,000 KL/year in new vehicles and more than 65,000 KL/year in legacy vehicles, making it a strategic choice for lubricant manufacturers and distributors.

Infineum is renowned for its commitment to product quality and safety. So, Infineum P6895A has undergone rigorous ‘no harms’ performance testing under severe conditions, ensuring it meets the unique demands of hybrid vehicles. One of the most critical challenges in hybrid engine lubrication is addressing the effects of fuel/water dilution, which can lead to issues like rust, corrosion, emulsion, and wear. Infineum P6895A has demonstrated its exceptional capability in mitigating these challenges effectively.

Moreover, this advanced additive package is compatible with the latest bio-derived base stocks, further emphasizing its alignment with sustainability goals in the automotive industry.

Infineum P6895A marks a significant step towards cleaner and more efficient automotive lubrication, addressing the evolving needs of hybrid vehicles while keeping the highest standards of performance and environmental responsibility.