Laying the cause-and-effect cards on the table

Sustainability - 17 June 2022

As part of our sustainability approach our team in Berre (France) learned about the causes and effects of climate change in depth during a recent face-to-face engagement session.

Set up by the local Sustainability team, named Acting for the Territory and the Environment, and with the support of Infineum colleague Jean-Paul Calvet a member of the Climate Fresk, the event was a part of a worldwide campaign called the ‘Climate Fresk’. This non-government organisation aims to bring people and companies on board with climate education. They provide companies with the materials to deliver collaborative sessions, like the one at our Berre site.

During the afternoon session, colleagues were invited to create a fresk, which is a tool used to understand the scientific bases underlying climate change. They were given a series of cards with images of causes such as greenhouse gas emissions like CO2, and consequences such as global warming, ocean acidification and drought, and had to map out the relationships between the two (example pictured right).

“The step-by-step reconstruction of the cause-effect relationship between the different components of climate change provided me with the keys to understanding the complexity. The workshop also allowed me to clarify some ideas that were a little vague, like the difference between ice shelves and caps. It was all done in a very interesting and funny way. Great experience!” says Roxana Chirita, Engineer, Product Innovation and Engineering.

The session concluded with a debrief, discussing everyone’s personal interpretations, questions, and collective solutions. The team were also shown how to estimate their own footprint and encouraged to find actions to reduce it.

“Meeting with colleagues to discuss a topical theme such as climate change forced me to think about the future, it was very powerful. The meeting was led by a skilled leader who invited us to reflect and gave ideas for more sustainable behaviours,” says Celine Mestre, Senior Administrator, Supply.

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