Our Team in Brazil Rally to Support Flood Victims in Rio Grande do Sul

Community Outreach - 22 May 2024

In a powerful display of solidarity, our Rio-based colleagues chose to mark the Infineum’s 25th-anniversary get-together by launching a heartfelt fundraising campaign to aid those recently affected by the devastating floods in Rio Grande do Sul. 

The catastrophic flooding has left a trail of destruction across southern Brazil. According to local news reports, over the past week, more than 100 lives have been lost, with hundreds still missing. Additionally, the homes of more than 230,000 people lie in ruins. 

Undeterred, our team in Brazil has swiftly taken action by collecting essential items such as clothing, bottled water, and non-perishable food to provide immediate relief. Additionally, they have been collecting cash donations to maximise their support efforts. 

Infineum Sales Analyst in Brazil Gustavo Felicio said: “We couldn’t ignore this humanitarian crisis happening so close to us. Raising funds and resources is our way of making a difference.” 

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