People’s growth matters at Infineum.

We invest in you and your professional development to help you reach your full potential.

There are generally three types of career paths you can follow at Infineum depending on your ambition, skills, knowledge, and abilities. We value all the different career paths. Every role is integral to the smooth operation and success of Infineum’s business.

  • Specialist
  • Functional leadership
  • Senior management

Building Your Career With Us - what you can expect

Like most organisations, we set individual goals, and have regular performance review and personal development conversations . You will be encouraged to have open and honest development discussions with your leader on a regular basis.

We also believe in empowering colleagues to own their career development plans. To help maximise your potential, you will have access to a vast suite of learning and developmental resources, and can expect help and guidance from your leader on how best to personalise your development plan to pursue a career path that works for you. Below are some tools you can leverage for your development:


To help you settle in and become familiar with Infineum’s ways of working, every new employee is provided with a comprehensive onboarding program and will also be assigned to an onboarding ‘buddy’.

‘Discover Your Future’

‘Discover Your Future’ is our global career development portal. It consolidates the available resources, tips, and guides for employee to aid their career development planning.

Global online learning tools

All employees are given access to internal online learning courses. The contents are continually reviewed and customised to ensure they reflect employees' evolving needs. We also partner with a leading external learning platform to offer all employees high quality, on-demand training across a variety of disciplines. This platform currently offers over 16,000 courses in multiple languages. 


We promote mentoring as a great tool to support the development of our talented employees. With a focus on passing on support, guidance, knowledge and advice, this approach gives employees an opportunity to learn from someone other than their leader. This provides an insightful and alternative source of information and advice to support long term development, and is particularly beneficial for leadership growth and development.

Leadership Development

Outstanding leadership skills are critical to Infineum’s success. Whether you are newly appointed to lead a team, or are already a seasoned professional, our challenging and stimulating global leadership development programmes and resources will help provide you with all the support you need to succeed as a leader.

Open Resourcing

This is our internal ‘job board’ where employees can view and apply for internal roles within or outside of their current function.

Global Networking Opportunities

Infineum is a truly global organisation – both in its geographical reach and mindset. We encourage cross-functional collaboration across our network and offer roles that provide opportunities to work on a variety of global initiatives from projects to overseas assignments.

Real Career Stories

Hear from some of our employees about what it’s like working at Infineum. These personal stories showcase our employees’ different starting points - be it as fresh graduates, early career joiners or mid-career joiners. They'll also demonstrate how they got to where they are today using their drive, flexibility, and willingness to take on new experiences. Click here to read these stories.

Life at Infineum

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Colleagues share their thoughts on life at Infineum

Infineum is a global organisation with operations in more than 15 countries.

This is what our colleagues say about working at Infineum.

"Infineum has a very inclusive and diverse culture. I believe every employee and potential new hire has an equal opportunity, regardless of gender or race." Audrey, Customer Service Co-Ordinator

"I wanted to work for Infineum after hearing positive feedback from two fellow graduates. My expectations were exceeded in many ways." Maria, Technologist 

"I enjoy collaborating with technical experts and specialists to solve challenging and complex operational problems. I have led process changes that have had real impact." Shawn, Project Leader Supply

"As a technologist, I thrive on the technical rigor, innovation and collaboration that goes behind developing and deploying the market-leading product platforms. Leading a complex, multimillion-dollar technology project in my second year at Infineum, is incredible" Yin-Tat, Technologist

"I love that my job is never the same every day, and that my role as a technician covers so many different aspects of technology, and does not allow me to be complacent in my field." Ivana, Lubricants Research and Development Technician

"You get opportunities to work with colleagues not only from your own area but also from other functions and locations." Xiaobo, Technologist

"I think we foster inclusion and a feeling that everyone is valued. Infineum is nurturing; it encourages its employees to do well, and has structures to support them along the way." Hayleigh, Chemist

"I get to work in a wide range of areas and interact with people across the organisation. Every day there's a new challenge and opportunity to learn new skills." Mark, Technologist

"It is very clear how my work provides value to the organisation." Liliana, Engineering Specialist

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