07 March 2024

Our team in Germany recently hosted a special presentation for students from three high schools in Cologne, as part of our contribution to help foster a deeper connection between industry professionals and aspiring young minds. The session was part of the KURS initiative, a government program that encourages cooperation between local businesses and schools to spark students’ interest in science.

The students learned about various career opportunities within the chemical industry from our Change Leader Peter Kusen and Technical Manager Hassan Osseili, who shared their insights and experiences. Our Infineum colleagues gave the students a glimpse of the professional challenges and rewards they could expect, so they could make informed choices about their future careers.  

As part of our sustainability strategy, we aim to create a positive impact in the communities where we operate. By motivating young minds to follow STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) careers, Infineum hopes to support the growth of a talented and driven workforce for the future. 

The students’ feedback was very positive, highlighting the importance of such cross-disciplinary partnerships. Infineum’s dedication to engaging with the community and promoting STEM careers is a good example of how chemistry education can benefit from industry involvement. 

Peter Kusen says, “These partnerships are more than just information sharing, they are a way to show how educational institutions and businesses can both benefit from each other." As the industry keeps changing, activities like these are crucial to prepare the next generation of professionals and ensure a sustainable and innovative future.

Pictured from left to right.  Peter Kusen, Change Leader; Markus Albertsen, Chemistry Teacher; Hassan Osseili, Technical Manager. 

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