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Inclusiveness and diversity at Infineum

Inclusiveness and diversity simply put is about recognising all the ways in which we differ from each other, and valuing those differences.  At Infineum we strive to acknowledge and respect these differences in order to maximise our ability to attract and retain the most talented people, while seeking the best answers for our customers and our organisation alike.

At Infineum we have a strong commitment to bringing together the right teams from across our global business to best match market needs in terms of skill set, knowledge and culture.

Our aim is to create an environment where all colleagues can develop to the best of their abilities, and where the contribution of all colleagues is valued to build a successful and effective workforce.

Each of us is truly unique and when we come together we create a rich tapestry of the visible differences, traditions, personal experiences and points of view.

Infineum brings together individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, and thinking styles providing remarkably different talents, perspectives, life and career experiences.

Our people

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Insight into the people who make up Infineum

One of the best things about working here, is working with the people that are Infineum. When I joined Infineum I immediately felt I had joined a group of people that I could consider friends and they are friends. We have a very low atrition rate. People stay here, they want to work here. If you look outside there you see people working for 10 years, 20 years, even 30 years. I like the people here. They are very knowledgeable and they come from different backgrounds, and they have huge experience. One of the key attributes of all the colleagues at Infineum is that enivitably they'll drop everything they are doing if they think that you need help. It's such a friendly environment. You can go up to anyone and say 'hey I need some help on this matter' and usually they'll sit down, put aside some time and teach you how to do it. So that's how it works here at Infineum. I like being able to try and help people achieve what they want to achieve. You get the opportunity to work with and mentor younger colleagues and I particularly enjoy that because you get a chance to share your experiences. And they are very knowledeable about the business and they are willing to share that knowledge and experience with newbies like us. For me, when I first came into Infineum, all this was very important because of course you need people to help you out in the first few months. It's not so hierarchical that you're not allowed to talk to different people, in fact it's encouraged. At Infineum, in fact I found a world which is far beyond my expectations and is actually a very different place from where most of my other friends are working at. Because of it's size everybody knows each other, so it's a good group with a good community spirit.
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