Peter's always been fascinated by science, ever since a child, his genuine curiosity led him always wanting to solve real-world problems. A career at Infineum has facilitated his passion for problem solving and cutting-edge science, which he shares with the next generation of scientists through our graduate programs and much more!

Tell us about your career journey at Infineum so far

"I joined Infineum in 2001 in the Lubricant Component team. Seven years later I moved to our New Business Ventures team where I ran the surfactants platform, identifying new applications for our surfactants and dispersants. In 2016 I was promoted to Principal Scientist and in this current role I run the external academic portfolio, act as a consultant for all technical groups and bring new science and technology into the company. I also represent Infineum on technical, scientific and government committees, and am an Honorary Professor for the University of Leeds, Bristol and Edinburgh!

Throughout my career at Infineum, I've thoroughly enjoyed supporting and developing people. I ran our undergraduate internship programme for 10 years and have had 18 students work for me. Of these, ~75% went on to do PhDs in a related area. I received the 2016 Royal Society Medal for Inspiration in Industry as recognition for my efforts - which was a great honour.

Prior to joining Infineum, I completed my PhD in siloxane-based microemulsions, which was funded by Unilever, I then moved into synthetic latex product development for a year and my final position before moving to Infineum involved working at the University of Bristol on the EU-Framework IV Programme with Pharmacia Biotech and then on a Syngenta funded project."

What do you like most about working at Infineum?

"I'm able to apply my skills and knowledge into product development, and see these products become a reality. I find it exciting working together with colleagues from very different backgrounds to devise solutions, especially in new areas where we can use innovative science to solve our customers' challenges."

What advice would you give to someone thinking of applying for a role at Infineum?

"Think about what keeps you motivated and happy and stick to it! For me, applying science into solving real-world problems is what keeps me motivated.

If you want to join Infineum, you'll cover way more than just science - you'll work with and perhaps manage people and projects, you'll interact cross-functionally, and you'll learn new things which aren't even directly related to science! It's a great place to develop scientific skills, but also to grow more holistically in other areas."


I find it exciting working together with colleagues from very different backgrounds to devise solutions.