We believe in empowering colleagues to own their own career development plans. Yes, we have an annual objectives setting and reviews process and personal development planning similar to most organisations – however, at Infineum we guide our colleagues to customise their next steps.

We empower colleagues in our Technology function with the innovative ‘my career in Technology’ programme and other career development materials using our company intranet site to bring e-learning, skills matcher and a variety of learning resources to support our colleagues development globally.

My career in Technology

In Infineum we recruit people who are interested in growing their career with us. This is especially true in our Technology organisation.

We offer careers not jobs. It makes sense to ensure you are fully aware of the different career choices available and how to progress those choices. To do this we have created ‘my career in Technology’. 'My career in Technology' is an interactive career information resource, that leaders have been trained to use, which explains the different career options available in our Technology organisation. The information extends beyond explaining what careers are available; it explains the experiences you’ll need to gain, through various roles, to progress the different careers; the interchangeability of the careers, what careers are suited to colleagues with particular interests and the different skills that are required and you’ll learn.

'My career in Technology' supports our career philosophy and your personal development planning, so you’re making informed choices based on your preferences, skills and capability.

Our route to developing our exceptional people

Infineum values continuous improvement and ongoing learning and development for our colleagues. We encourage colleagues to enhance their skills, prepare for career advancements and adopt best practices through continuing education, training and strategic career paths. All colleagues have the opportunity for annual discussions with their leaders regarding career path and development opportunities.

Our learning platform for individual contributors and leaders focuses on growing skill sets and scopes of knowledge in multiple areas while our series for leaders provides management tools for those with direct reports.

What it takes to succeed

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Infineum colleagues discuss what it takes to succeed

We look to fill positions based upon the best person for the role and the backgrounds that people can come up with can be very different. What it takes to work here is first of all is very good personal safety standards. We have new hires, we also have experienced hires. We have a lot of PHD and degree level chemists, because ultimately we are a chemical additives company so chemistry is an important aspect. You have a job title, but you don't want to keep yourself in that box, you want to expand outside of that box and work with other people. You've got to be willing to work with others and be part of a team. You have to be able to see a problem, not panic, and actually identify the problem and then think of solutions. A natural desire to solve problems is important, you've got to enjoy pushing yourself to the most of your ability. You've got to be really passionate about what you do and be prepared to give as much as you possibly can. You need to be open, you need to be professional, you need to like achievement. Also, an open mind, because one thing our leaders let us do here is innovate.


Welcoming new colleagues to Infineum with an excellent induction and mentoring support.

Colleague Career Management

An opportunity to develop your skills and experience to progress your career in your functional area.

Open Resourcing

Our Infineum ‘job board’, colleagues can view and apply for internal roles within their department or other departments.

Objectives and Personal Development Planning

Our annual review programme supported by an excellent reward package for our colleagues.

Colleague Development

Our leaders are empowered to support their colleagues with a range of training and educational programmes matched to their development. Colleagues use our innovative learning platform to gain vital knowledge to progress their knowledge and career in Infineum.


We provide an informal mentoring programme for colleagues and leaders to assist when embarking on a specific project or area of responsibility, and require an independent view to quickly learn new approaches to succeed.

Leadership development

Development for our line leaders is critical for Infineum. Whether a leader is newly appointed to lead a team or they are a strategic senior leader, We provide challenging and stimulating global leadership development programmes, incorporating external coaching and 360 degree feedback activities to help our leaders excel.

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