Infineum is a world leader in the formulation of petroleum additives for fuels. Our fuels Technology leadership means we can help refiners maximise diesel yields while still meeting both specification and quality challenges.

 Diesel Fuel CompositionMiddle distillate and the products produced from middle distillates have significantly increased in their variability and complexity since the 1970s and the first oil crisis. Today’s diesel is unlikely to be based on simply a middle distillate cut from a straight run refinery. Diesel is now likely to be a blend of refinery streams from different refinery processing units. The variation in composition of diesel produced from these increasingly more sophistication refineries is further compounded by the growing variability of crude oils being refined.  In addition to the blend streams from the refinery, the diesel pool is now further supplemented by non-fossil stream.

The composition of the diesel impacts the properties of the finished diesel and the cold flow properties of the final product.  Infineum cold flow additives are a proven method used by the refiner to increase their production flexibility. Infineum cold flow additive technology expands the boundaries that would normally restrict production, enabling the use of blend streams which would be of lower value and upgrade them to produce higher value products. Like the cold flow properties, the cold flow additive response is highly dependent on the fuel composition.

To efficiently formulate cold flow additive technology Infineum has developed a systematic process for additive formulation. The process is based on understanding the key factors that influence fuel responsiveness to different components and uses modern formulation methodologies to deliver products which are tailored to fit specific requirements.

Gft Method

Through our research and development, we are continually improving our chemistry to meet both environmental and operational business challenges. Our Global Research and Development teams together with our industry-specific expertise ensure continued innovative Technical solutions for fuel stability, specification, performance, storage, handling, and environmental compliance

Infineum provides a very broad range of products (over 200 products covering many applications) that provide robust cold flow performance across a wide spectrum of middle distillate fuels and their blends with first (Fatty Acid Methyl Esters) and second generation (hydrogenated vegetable oils) biofuels. Infineum cold-flow products have demonstrated strong reliability and harms-free performance over a range of petroleum-based fuels and biofuels for over 50 years. Our knowledge and Technical Leadership in this area is used by refiners to improve cold flow properties, reduce wax deposits and control fuel quality whilst optimising their profitability.

Infineum prides itself on its reliable technical service. We are the worldwide leader in cold flow improvers (Infineum invented the first wax crystal modifier and wax anti-settling flow improvers). Our products significantly improve the cold flow properties and handling of the fuel. 

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