Water presents challenges for many communities around the world, from reduced quantity, poor quality and a lack of access to clean drinking water for some, to problems with flooding for others. Water is also crucial to our business, and with most of our plants located in close proximity to the sea or rivers, we take a stewardship approach to water management at all our sites.

Action on water includes:

  • Working closely with municipal and water protection authorities to ensure our practices protect and conserve the water sources around us.
  • Robust processes for monitoring and compliance.
  • Optimising our water use, by reducing fresh-water consumption, recycling condensate and adopting conservation practices.


Water enhancements at our sites in France, Germany and Italy:

Berre, France: Our site experienced higher wastewater generation in one of the units due to lime quality degradation. In 2019 a new feed pump with a filter device placed upstream was implemented to increase reliability of the centrifuge and help reduce wastewater generation by around 40%.

Cologne, Germany: Our site replaced our oversized cooling tower, originally scaled to include use by the now-closed Cologne refinery,  from refinery times with a smaller and more efficient equivalent, which is now operated by well water and able to deliver significant freshwater savings.

Vado Ligure, Italy: Our site is in the process of installing new installed wells to re-use ground water to prepare the lime milk needed to neutralise the acidic stream from the chloro-dispersant unit. This initiative is expected to save 25-30 thousand cubic metres of fresh water annually.

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