Passenger car motor oil additives are designed to protect and enhance the performance of engines in cars and light-duty trucks that operate with gasoline, diesel fuel or alternative fuel sources such as ethanol.

Infineum products can be used to formulate lubricants across the full range of gasoline and light-duty diesel engine performance requirements, including the latest API, ACEA, JAMA and OEM specifications.

When combined with our pour point depressant, viscosity modifier and supplemental engine oil additives, the Infineum P series can be used to deliver unique performance requirements in a wide variety of base stocks.

With over 1800 patents and patent applications worldwide, innovation is in our blood. It's that pioneering spirit that keeps the ideas flowing, like our salicylate technology and our advanced SV viscosity modifiers.

Through technology excellence, we will help you to meet the challenges you face today - and the ones you will face tomorrow.



Performance you can rely on.