Justin believes Infineum is a company that deeply cares about career development, people, and the customer. The stars aligned when Justin joined Infineum as he was able to fulfil one of his career ambitions of building a manufacturing plant from scratch, which he is now Plant Manager of!

Tell us about your career journey at Infineum so far

"I joined Infineum at the perfect time from a personal career development perspective, as I’d always wanted to build a plant from scratch. Fortunately for me, I had the opportunity to be part of a team as the Operations Manager, to build, start-up and operationalise our Zhangjiagang (ZJG) plant, which was previously a rice paddy field! And now, after much hard work and dedication, it’s part of the Infineum global manufacturing network.

In 2019, I was promoted to my current role of Plant Manager. Every day, I lead colleagues to operate the plant in a safe manner and aim to be customer-centric in every decision I make. I see my colleagues as my internal customers, helping them grow in their competencies, and most of all, ensure they get home to their families safely.

I enjoy having a strong sense of achievement when we’re able to meet customer needs safely and continually be their supplier of choice. We can only achieve all this success through cross-functional collaboration and hard work.

Prior to Infineum, I completed my master’s in applied chemistry and then worked at a chemical company for almost seven years. I started my career as an Engineer, followed by a role in the Laboratory as a Quality Coordinator. Then I completed a short stint in the Supply Chain function and finally returned to the manufacturing plant as the Team Leader of a product line."

What do you like most about working at Infineum?

"Infineum truly cares - I see this embedded in our culture of looking after one another, demonstrated between colleagues; leaders and their direct reports; and even in our global standards, such as maternity and paternity leave policies. It's embedded in how we do business, and not just talked about with no action."

What advice would you give to someone thinking of applying for a role at Infineum?

"Here at Infineum, your personal development is fully in your own hands. Firstly, be brave to try the new or perhaps slightly different, or challenging roles. I encourage you to have open and honest conversations from the offset with your leader or interviewer about your development interests. Secondly, be adaptable and always strive to keep learning. Thirdly, grow yourself by building your network with others."

Justin Ye

Infineum truly cares - I see this embedded in our culture of looking after one another.