Business Transformation Driver

Nadia Bhatti
Joined Infineum in 2005

I initially joined Infineum as a Fuels development chemist in 2005 just after completing a Master’s degree in Organic Chemistry at Kings College London. During this time I worked on numerous projects on Fuels additisation covering refinery and performance additives to enable oil marketers to differentiate their products. This was my first introduction to the world of petrochemicals and the learning curve was quite steep! Not only did I enhance my chemical knowledge I learnt the workings of an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine), and overviews of manufacturing processes, PSRC (Product Stewardship and Regulatory Compliance), Law and Supply.

In 2008 I was promoted to Technologist within the same group developing and deploying diesel performance additives globally. I thoroughly enjoyed this role as it enabled me to have a balance of research and development internally but also the opportunity to interact with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), industry bodies, as well as Oil Marketers as the end customer. During this time I had the opportunity to complete a short assignment at our US site. This was a great introduction to understanding the cultural differences in the way that business is conducted in the different regions. My next role, in 2012 was as a Fuels project manager, where I worked with teams in US, AP and EMEA to deliver a high profile project, striving to be on time and in budget.

After spending over nine years within various roles in Fuels technology I moved to a team called Rapid Response. We were a small team of technologists who worked on projects across all technical segments within Infineum. This was my first introduction to engine oil lubricants which encouraged me to broaden my technical capabilities.

In my next role, I left technology and joined the sales organisation as the Regional Market Manager, EMEA, Specialties covering the segments of Small Engines, Gas Engines, Railroad and Transmission fluids. Within this role I interacted with the sales organisation and customers helping to set strategies and assess future market needs. I was able to continue to work closely with technology helping to define future product needs and value propositions for our customers.

From here I moved briefly to a role as team leader in product development, before an exciting role came up in Transformation as a Transformation Driver.  This role involves me working across all functions within Infineum, empowering them to deliver against our transformation agenda.  It is fast paced and exciting, being an integral part of Infineum transforming into a Specialty Chemicals Company.

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  • Fuels Development Chemist

  • Fuels Deployment and Development Technologist

  • Global Fuels Project Manager

  • Rapid Response Technologist

  • EMEA Regional Market Manager, Specialties

  • Team leader, product Development

  • Business Transformation Driver

What do you enjoy most about your current role?

You never stop learning and you cannot always anticipate what each day will bring. The variety and challenges keeps me on my toes and interested!

How is personal development managed at Infineum?

Your career at Infineum is in your hands! Every colleague is encouraged to express their career preferences and will receive support in pursing them. There are many opportunities within the organisation to experience different functions that can be rewarding, both personally and professionally. Being from a technical background I never thought I would end up in a commercial role and enjoying it as much as I do now!

What’s the best thing about working at Infineum?

The people! In a relatively small but global organisation you will work with people from many different cultural backgrounds across the globe.

What’s been your career highlight at Infineum?

I thoroughly enjoyed my technical days in Fuels where I was able to take a product from conception right the way up to deploying in the market. I learnt a tremendous amount and thoroughly enjoyed interacting with all the different departments within Infineum and our customers.

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